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Search Function not working

My site's search feature is working. When I click on the search icon nothing happens also the mobile menu sub don't appear when you click on the down arrow icon. This lead me to beleive I'm having a jQuery issue. So I wrote this code and I'm able to get the Search form to appear, but when you click in it, it disappears.

Related Work View

Hey Guys,

Looking to create a Related Work View at the bottom of my page that looks like this:


I have been looking for Palas Documentation online.

In the documentation folder of the package I bought from Themeforest was 1 link.

When I click it, i get an error that it can't find the website.

Is there an updated link or any reason I can't access this website?

Kind regards and happy new year,


Big problem

I bought Palas today.

I made a new database, put drupal 7 on the website via ftp.
Then added the package stuff and uploaded the database.
It worked during th afternoon. although, without any CSS.

Website doesn't work (php error code 500)

I used XAMPP to see the demo website.
Did everything I found in a description on this forum
It works, but when I tried to login, using admin/admin, i got an error.

Now the entire demo website doesn't work.

how to fix contact maps?

I got this error.. “ Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." Any fix regarding this issue? Can't find a google Thank you!       



PrettyPhoto gallery

I need your help to get prettyphoto work in this template.


On your demo site:

It works, but only in commerce module, on portfolio dosn’t work.


It shows only first picture. I tried to make my own implementation in portfolio – normally this is super easy – in this case, no matter how many picture I add It always shows only first photo which I clicked. I added properly rel with the same gallery.

testimonials styles all the same?

Are different styles of testimonial shortcodes supported in this theme? The documentation suggest so, but even when I cut and paste code from the documentation, the images never show up and whether I signify style02 or style03, they come out the same as style01.

Translate taxonomy terms Dexp portfolio filter

Hi there.

I purchased your theme.
great work so far.

One thing I am wondering about is how we can make dexp portfolio view filter show translated taxonomy terms for different languages?

Thank you

How to install an update for Palas theme


I have a configured site and would like to update to the latest Palas version - are there any release notes describing the changes implemented in the 2 versions that have been released since I setup my site?

Also, are there any instructions on how to implement the update? Or is it as simple as replacing the folders under /themes ?



Product multiple photos



i have an issue with multiple product photos, in mobile view only the main photo can be viewed by clicking on it, if i want to view the other product photos in a popup as the main photo works the function doesnt work.

I try to use different jquery versions but the result remains the same


Any clues ?


Ty in advance