Search Function not working

My site's search feature is working. When I click on the search icon nothing happens also the mobile menu sub don't appear when you click on the down arrow icon. This lead me to beleive I'm having a jQuery issue. So I wrote this code and I'm able to get the Search form to appear, but when you click in it, it disappears.

jQuery(document).ready(function (){
    "use strict";

Link to site:

Hi jdelamotte, Which theme are you using? Could you please help me to open a ticket then send me the admin account and ftp info for checking? Thanks!

I just inherited this site a few months ago. It looks as if it is using DrupalExp with the child Palas. Where do I create a ticket at?

Do you have purchase code? can you send me for checking the supporting license status first make sure you still can create new ticket on our system. Thanks!

The person that created the site no longer works here and I'm the third person to take over this position. So I guess I'm trying to say I have no idea where he/she placed the invoice. All I know is the site is about 18 months old. I can put a request into finance for the purchase order, but I don't know how long that will take. As you can see I'm close with the jQuery above. I just need it to stay open to place text in the form.

For this one, $('#block-search-form').click(function(){ $('.search-form-block-wrapper').toggleClass('open'); }); I guest you should change it to

$('#block-search-form').click(function(){ $('.search-form-block-wrapper .search-toggle').toggleClass('open'); });


Thank you! That fixed the issue.