I need your help to get prettyphoto work in this template.


On your demo site: http://demo.drupalexp.com/palas/content/product/red-and-black-love

It works, but only in commerce module, on portfolio dosn’t work.


It shows only first picture. I tried to make my own implementation in portfolio – normally this is super easy – in this case, no matter how many picture I add It always shows only first photo which I clicked. I added properly rel with the same gallery.

I tried to compare it with your demo site, but you are using speed module on your site and it is hard to debug. The only thing I figured out is when I copy all scripts from HEAD data, from your demo site – from commerce product page – to my site and it works. So I think is a matter of not including file one of files or wrong order.


Could you test it and help me? Thank you.