I bought Palas today.

I made a new database, put drupal 7 on the website via ftp.
Then added the package stuff and uploaded the database.
It worked during th afternoon. although, without any CSS.

Website doesn't work (php error code 500)

I used XAMPP to see the demo website.
Did everything I found in a description on this forum
It works, but when I tried to login, using admin/admin, i got an error.

Now the entire demo website doesn't work.
Reuploading the database seems to work there, but not on my website.

Whats wrong and how do I fix my website that I have at a website hoster (they limit the amount of databases you can have, and i haven't found a way to delete one.

This is a pretty big problem considering i wanted to work on the website this holiday.
and I won't have any time after that.

Anyone able to help out?


Also, there is no Documentation included in the download from Themeforest, unlike my previous purchase.

PS:  I bought another template a year ago, and that worked fine, both for website and for the demo (even logging in)


Please try to increase the max_allowed_packet size in mysql settings and try again.


Thank you.

The max packet size is 32mb. Seems enough for the databasefile: palas-database.mysql.zip

I'm sorry, that seemed to have worked :)

Now to figure out what happened with the website.
Is there any link to documentation for Palas? The link in the documentation folder didn't work.

I've remade the website and used just 1 profile instead of uplading everything.

Everything seems to work fine now