Shoot - Multi-purpose eCommerce Drupal Theme

Block Title Link


I was wondering why Block Title Link  (

does not work with Shoot.

It works on every other theme I've used and is a very useful module.




Layer slider is not displayed / No aparece Layer slider

Buenas tardes, estoy trabajando con un cliente el cual me informaba que anteriormente le aparecia en la barra superior el item de Slider para configurarlo.

El drupal ha sido actualizado a la versión 7.56 y no se si eso este causando problemas. 

Yo veo el modulo y se encuentra los submodulos pero estos no se activan y no aparecen visibles.


Slider Edit Plugin not there anymore now that the developer moved my Site to Production

I purchased the Shoot theme and when using in development the Slider edit plugin allowed me to edit the slider messages and images. When it was moved to production box, the theme does not allow edit of the Slider. The plugin tabs for the Slider are missing. How do I ensure that the Slider plugin is included in the installation in my production box. My developer moved the site for me but for some reason this was not included.   

Regarding Slider

I have edited existing sliders. All I did was changed the content. Words and links.  


The font turned grey and the links no longer work. for example of what I mean.

Layer Slider Link target does not get set

Setting the Link target in a slide of the Layer Slider does not get set when displayed.  I want to add a link to my slide and have the link open in a new window (_blank).  Changing to _blank in the layer slider editor gets saved, but when the slideshow displays, the link target is always set to _self. 

Future Shoot Compatibility

Hi there!

I'd really like to use Shoot for a major client but have future compatibility concerns.

For instance, just recently, as you know, an update to the latest version
of Chaos Tools caused the Dexp slider and menu modules to not work properly...

You were able to solve that quickly with updated modules but now I'm not 100% comfortable with updating modules! ;(

Also, will Shoot, or at least the Dexp framework be available in Drupal 8 at some point?
(We are still building this new site in Drupal 7 though)

Shoot theme from Envato very Old

I purchased the Shoot theme and when I installed I noticed the latest module versions are from Oct, 2014. I am having version module problems with Drupal and posted a ticket to support to get me the latest download from Shoot, as noted on the Shoot Theme on fixes as recent as Dec 2015. 

Where can I get the latest version for this theme? I have been fixing code on old version and am getting fustrated with no response for 3 days.



Adding iframe to front page

We created an HTML5 interactive for the front page of our website. We are having trouble getting an iframe containing the HTML5 to display in the slider region of the Shoot theme.

Added Scripts?


Love the Shoot theme - thanks so much for this!

I use Ghostery ( and I see a bunch of things trying to load when I am on some pages.

I am wondering if there are some scripts in the theme which cause these to load:

Change Mps Shortcode Marker!


I need to know how can I change the Marker Icon with Shoot LOGO in maps shortcode ?

There are a Icon var in tpl file! but it is commented and linked to the another icon!

so How can I change it ?!

Thanks a lot :)