Hi there!

I'd really like to use Shoot for a major client but have future compatibility concerns.

For instance, just recently, as you know, an update to the latest version
of Chaos Tools caused the Dexp slider and menu modules to not work properly...

You were able to solve that quickly with updated modules but now I'm not 100% comfortable with updating modules! ;(

Also, will Shoot, or at least the Dexp framework be available in Drupal 8 at some point?
(We are still building this new site in Drupal 7 though)

And, there are also many contrib modules that Dexp Shoot requires for some reason
that I would like to uninstall: Social Share, Video.ja, Flick widget, Lightbox2, Media:Vimeo
Is there any way to uninstall contrib modules that Dexp Shoot requires that I am
not using?

Thanks for your help and continued support!



To remove dependencies module which dexp_shoot require, you just open file dexp_shoot.info and remove lines contain module which you want don't want to install

Ex: dependencies[] = dexp_widget => Remove Flickr module depend on dexp_shoot

Now, you can go to module page management and uninstall modules above.

Thank you.