Slider Edit Plugin not there anymore now that the developer moved my Site to Production

I purchased the Shoot theme and when using in development the Slider edit plugin allowed me to edit the slider messages and images. When it was moved to production box, the theme does not allow edit of the Slider. The plugin tabs for the Slider are missing. How do I ensure that the Slider plugin is included in the installation in my production box. My developer moved the site for me but for some reason this was not included.   

Is there anyone watching these posts?

Good thing we paid for support! haha! Fuckers!


Hi k CSO,

I remember that we've helped you to resolved the problem via ticket? If not, can you please help me to open a ticket on our support ticket system then we will help you to resolve it verry soon.

Please understand that the forum is for topic discussion, we might lost your post. So please open ticket instead.


Your ticket system is broken. Not authorized to post