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Not sure what to do. dexp animation module error, and i cannot buy a new license for support

I have a problem, described below, with the dexp animation module.  My support is over, and I cannot buy a new license as envato no longer has pressa available:…

I would happily pay for support, just let me know how.  Now, onto my problem:

PHP Fatal error with dexp_layerslider


I'm getting an error when attempting to Edit my layerslider slide:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_include_browser_js() in modules/drupalexp/dexp_layerslider/dexp_layerslider.module on line 291

Currently using Version: 7.x-1.0-beta of Dexp LayerSlider 

Media module 7.x-2.1

Any ideas?



Doing a sub theme from Pressa - Issues with CSS

I need to do something very common in Drupal, a sub theme. I followed the corresponding instructions in Drupal and managed to have a sub-theme from Pressa and set it default in appearance menu, with its layout configurations and blocks matching Pressa. The problem is with CSS. For some reason, the style-blue.css file that is in sites /default/files/drupalexp/style-blue.css contains about 15 lines of code and the page looks all broken at visual level, since it does not load this particular stylesheet .

Portfolio View Modes?

Where/how are the custom view modes for the dexp_portfolio content type created?

If you create a Pressa site from the demo database, these custom view modes get created (Portfolio Grid, Portfolio Classic, Portfolio Masonry, Portfolio Text) however if you do not use the demo database and just create a site and add the Pressa theme and drupalexp custom modules, they do not get created.

I've searched everywhere in the dexp_portfolio and dexp_viewmodes modules and there is nothing in there of how those custom view modes get created.

Changing speed of testimonial carousel


We are using the shortcode [testimonials total_items="7" class=""] ... [/testimonial] to rotate user feedback one at a time. Unfortunately the carousel changes too fast and most users are unable to read the entire text of the feedback.

Assuming the carousel is driven by jQuery where can I change the refresh rate to a higher number?

Thank you very much,




Dexp Masonry grid not working with custom content type


I have build a new Dexp Masonry grid view filtered by my custom content type (dexp_portfolio-rs-rs) and adapted my node--dexp-portfolio-rs-rs--portfolio_masonry.tpl.php file to the field names.

Unfortunately, I can't get any real Masonry display as shown here :

Any help appreciated.

Table bug


I purchased PRESSA and got some trouble in table

I used View to generate table, then the border have lots of error and it isn't responsive.

Just like your demo site:

The table's border in this page changed color randomly when you refresh the page.

It's also not responsive.

Do you have any solution for this situation?


Problem when installed commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation module


I got this error when i installed commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation module

Notice: Undefined index: commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation in drupalexp_status_messages() (line 18 ofC:\xampp\htdocs\recheyfit\profiles\drupalexp_pressa_commerce\themes\drupalexp\includes\

i already opened a ticket for this problem #3194 on 19/12/2015


Removing the annoying bottom line (underscore) below active menu link


Does anyone know how i can remove the annoying menu active link bottom border line in css? 



Will Pressa be updated soon?

Pressa is a few version behind on security core updates. Is there any plans on releasing a new Pressa version?

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