Doing a sub theme from Pressa - Issues with CSS

I need to do something very common in Drupal, a sub theme. I followed the corresponding instructions in Drupal and managed to have a sub-theme from Pressa and set it default in appearance menu, with its layout configurations and blocks matching Pressa. The problem is with CSS. For some reason, the style-blue.css file that is in sites /default/files/drupalexp/style-blue.css contains about 15 lines of code and the page looks all broken at visual level, since it does not load this particular stylesheet . When I set Pressa as default theme, it comes out perfect as the demo, and the css file contains a lot of code. What could be happening? Its like its not compiling the LESS correctly from the parent theme. 

I copied the template.php file from Pressa, and renamed all the functions to my theme name (Microclar2). For example function microclar2_preprocess_node(&$variables) .

This is my .info file, copied all except the less includes (to inherit from parent), and then only put custom.less, which i will use to add my own css later:


name = Microclar2
description = "Microclar - tema responsive"
core = 7.x
base theme = pressa

regions[slider] = Slider
regions[logo] = Logo
regions[navigation] = Navigation
regions[breadcrumb] = Breadcrumb
regions[pagetitle] = Page Title

regions[tagline] = Tag Line
regions[top_left] = Top Left
regions[top_right] = Top Right
regions[top_content] = Top Content

regions[feature_first] = Feature

regions[content] = Content
regions[right_sidebar] = Right sidebar
regions[left_sidebar] = Left sidebar

regions[user_00] = User 00
regions[user_01] = User 01
regions[user_02] = User 02
regions[user_03] = User 03
regions[user_04] = User 04
regions[user_05] = User 05
regions[user_06] = User 06
regions[user_07] = User 07
regions[user_08] = User 08

regions[client] = Clients
regions[bottom_first] = Bottom First
regions[bottom_second] = Bottom Second
regions[bottom_third] = Bottom Third
regions[bottom_fourth] = Bottom Fourth

regions[copyright] = Copyright

lessc[] = lessc/custom.less

settings[drupalexp_default_preset] = '0'
settings[drupalexp_direction] = 'default'
settings[drupalexp_wrapper_class] = 'bg1'


I got help from devs, override base theme drupalexp with this zip and now it will work as expected.