Menu on Smartphones/Tablets disappeared

Hi I made some tests with sections and layouts. Then I discovered, that the menu on smartphone & tables is no more shown. I compare settings with the original demo settings, all is the same, but the menu just does not show up. I tried now one hour by adding/removing sections etc., but no effect, the menu does not show up. The menu still shows for other layouts for special targeted pages. Do you have any hint where I can search? best regards
I just checked now the CSS files. And I see that the style-orange.css file was updated today. I did do nothing. Does this mean that your module modifies the css file? If yes, when does it do that? Seems this does not happen always. And if yes, then there is obviously a bug. And this raises another question: I have custom content types (as probably many others have too) and I will do styling in the CSS File. How to do this and ensure that your module does not overwrite something?
Hello, Our themes is using LESS CSS framework, So any custom please DO NOT do in style-orange.css file or any css file locate in css folder. Because all changes will be lost when CSS re-complie. You need to it in .less files in lessc folder in theme. Thank you.
hi Ok, this is important information. Please put this in your documentation. I think you should have a section in your documentation about configuration, enhancement and custom changes. Some users certainly buy your theme and use it 1:1 without any changes. But many users certainly will do their own changes. So there is a need to add a conceptual chapter. About the problem above: I did *not* change anyhting. I just see that update date has changed and mobile menu is not working. It seems that you have a bug there, please investigate it. If you want I can send you the CSS file by mail. best regards
I compared now the style-orange.css on my installation and the one in your packages. They are identical. So the problem is not in this file. Still, on my test installation the mobile menu no more appears. I have not changed any file. What can the problem be?
in order to speed up the fixing of this problem: I even explicetely defined the menu to be shown on all devices. See enclosed screenshots of block definitions and section definitions

Hi there,

I seems to have the same problem. I can use the menu icon (three horizontal stacked lines) on my desktop navigator when using the device mode (I am using chrome for developping). The screen size a set is not changing anything.

But, when I am browsing the site with my device (iPhone 6 portrait or landscape using chrome or safari or ipad portrait), nothing appends when I touch the "toggle menu" icon. However the demo evolve site seems to works fine.

Can you enlight me about what I did wrong to break this menu button ?

By the way, I put all my custom css into a distinct less file.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Singletor,

I have similar issues with the menu on iOS devices. Can you share with me where I should be looking to modify the iOS view option settings for iOS based devices. I know it's a .LESS file but am getting lost in identifying the right .LESS file to manipulate.


Thanks for share....CN

Hi CN,

Actually, my problem is not yet fixed. I was hoping that someone would have a bugfix to suggest.

If you purchased the theme, check the notice in the first sticky forum.  They give you info on how to get staff attention to your bug issue. It's by Skyping lehoa85 and give the URL of your issue.  They're really fast to respond.…