@ Jimmy, How do you maintain your Drupal 8 installation?

Hi Jimmy,

I plan to Use Drupal 8 Evolve. When i have attempted this before, i installed the evovle drupal 8 and when used the module update tool in Drupal 8 admin it broke the website.

Must i use exclusively Composer? If so, how do you recommend updating modules and core?

If you have a guide on installation and maintenance (modules and core) approach of Evolve Drupal 8 i would be grateful.

Regards Mark

Installing Drupal requires that you have a web server and a database server first. For 'local' and 'online' Linux based servers using Apache and MySQL, the software that is needed to run Drupal is known as an "AMP stack", though Microsoft based servers and databases also come in a set known as a stack.


Can we do this on a Linux-based server? Do you have any idea about this.