ZAP System Icons & Mobile Menu Icon Missing

I hope you can help me with this. It's causing a lot of anxiety and I can't find the reason. I've tried all kinds of things and no solution. This is the problem;

The system icons like the "top of page" arrow at the bottom of pages, the "next" and "previous" slide arrows and most important the bar menu in mobiles do not show. Instead you get a Chinese character or some squiggles.

The strange thing is if you log in to the site as a user the icons appear and stay on even after logging off.

Hi Pedro,

Could you please help me to open a ticket on our support ticket system? Then our staff will help you to resolve the issue.


Hi Jimmy

I tried but the support had expired! We just bought Benz multi use license so it doesn't count :)

It's night time here and nobody to buy a support extension.

The problem is that the site has gone live and the client is upset. I did not see it because the problem does not happen if you are logged in or after being logged in. I think it is a font awsome thing, right? I see a couple of people had the same problem but they don't share the solution on the forum.

Can you help ?

You can see it on : must be a simple thing but I just don't know what.