I am building a website on test.krpvet.com, and am having serious issues trying to load in the Demo 6. I want the full site to look and act like the demo so I can swap out content for my company's content, but I have errors all over.

Can you help me install this correctly on the backend? Nothing I seem to do will load Demo 6 without errors.

hi Dan, 

please create a ticket at:  http://support.drupalexp.com/tickets

then send your site info:  Admin + FTP access

then we can support 


CMS Themes Development & Support Team

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! parking fury

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Make sure that your website's hosting environment meets the minimum requirements for the demo you are trying to basket random. These requirements can typically be found in the demo's documentation or installation instructions.

Carefully follow the installation instructions provided for the drift hunters software. Make sure you have all required dependencies and configurations set up before installing.