Will it updata suite for drupal 8?

drupal 8 change phptemplte to twig. I want to kown if the drupalexp will updata for twig?
Hello donydh, We have NOT checked drupalexp framework on Drupal 8. We are going to upgrade framework when Drupal8 sale on TF. Thanks,

any update with the 8.0.0-rc1 release

I would be interested in knowing whether DrupalExp will be updating it's portfolio of themes to support Drupal 8.  Is there a Drupal 8 product cycle planned?

Hello Customer,

We are working with Drupal 8 platform and the first Drupal 8 theme will released in next few months. We still have great features what we did with Drupal 7. :)

Thank you.

Is it already available for Drupal 8?