White blue preset doesn't work

Hi guys! When I select dark blue site preset (Appearance > Settings > Jollyness > Presets) it renders perfectly. But when I choose white blue it seems to miss the css files. There is only one file, named style-darkblue.css on the folder sites/all/themes/jollyness/assets/css. I bought the theme from ThemeForest. What can I do? Correct rendering with dark blue: http://keterconsultoria.com.br/darkblue.png Incorrect rendering with white blue: http://keterconsultoria.com.br/whiteblue.png
Could you change color to whiteblue then send us your URL for checking? Thanks!
Hi guys. I went to your demo site and manually found and downloaded the missing files. For example, I wanted the white blue scheme, so I downloaded the file in this URL: http://demo.themesvision.com/drupal/jollyness/sites/all/themes/jollynes… I bought your theme from ThemeForest, please update your package there with these files. We all expect things to work out-of-the-box. Thanks in advance, Rafael
Thank you for your updating status. Yes,you can copy css by that way for your site but in our theme, css file will be complied by less compiler,maybe there is a issue with permission on your server,so the system cannot complie for new preset. Anyway, please keep your current solution. Thanks.