URGENT//URGENT//cannot get display suite to work with this theme

I tested and retested this. In this themes I cannot use display suite and I must. your page builder builds pages I need displaythi suite for certain content types to quickly set up display of the fields in them.

This is the first time with any theme I am encountering this problem. In fact I have another theme of yours Jollyness which I am using on my other site and have no issue with using display suite at all.

This is urgent, I need respond to find out how this can be resolved. Display suit is a must for me.

Hi Henny, I'm just a user like you, but I spotted in another theme's forum that they aren't intending for their layout manager to cohabitate with Panels, and of course panels is the right hand of Display Suite.  Maybe it's only true for recent themes?  I'd make a ticket for this issue since you've had them work together in the past.

The only conflict i was ever aware of, that if you are using display suite, you should not use panelizer since they really do conflict. I never knew of a theme that I cannot do this.

It is giving me a headache. I appreciate your input. but this is important. Actually we should be able to use both of these, panels and display suite.

these page_builders are not very convenient because they don't work with pathauto or arguments that can be used with panels and page manager so one can create a layout for one content type rather than doing this one by one for each node published.

admins are usually way too busy to do this.

Did you create a service ticket?  They're usually fast to respond.

I did but no respond.

Hi Henny,

Can you explain more about your problem with the display suite? For the quick check please open a ticket with your site info (admin, ftp), we will check and give your the solution.

Thank you.