Hi! What is the correct way to perform the upgrades in the following three cases? 1. When a new Jollyness theme update is available. What is the correct way to upgrade? Replace the drupalexp and jollyness folders at sites/all/themes? 2. When a new Drupal's core is available. ¿Update the core or all Jollyness profile? 3. When a new version of a contributes module is available (used by Jollyness)? ¿Udadte the module or wait for a new full Jollyness version? Thanks! Enrique.
? Please...
Hi I am also using this theme, I hope this information can be helpful to you. Some are drupal standard procedure for upgrades. 1. if it is just an update of the theme, you basically update the theme and leave everything else the way they are. 2. if it is the drupal core update. you ONLY update the core and it is always best to do this manually and while site under maintenance. basically by replacing the folders and files, EXCEPT those folders and files under sites directory and any additional folder under profiles that are NOT part of drupal core such as the case here. (some people keep their /tmp folder in same place as the drupal core folders and files so obviously that one you keep as well. 3. This is my own opinion. Normally I would like to contact the theme creator if there is a module that plays a role with the theme and would like their opinion if this update may or may not affect anything in theme. (of course keep in mind if the update for the contrib module is a security reason update, you have very little choice but to go ahead with it, but i find it helpful to contact the theme creator about it anyway. Just in case anything is needed to be done. Of course on all the above cases, after updating, you go ahead and do the update.php and of course always under maintenance mode.
Hi kash! Thank you very much for your answer. One more question, please: In case 1: How I update the theme? Symply copying new drupalexp and jollyness folders from /Packges/themes to sites/all/themes? I did it and did not work. I had to return to the previous version. It may be a question for the Drupalexp staff...
is it possible that their modules had to be updated too?? because I think if you update the drupalexp the modules that are related to it, may not work. So maybe it is not just the theme that has to be updated
Hello Enquire and kash To update theme you SHOULD do things as below: - Override drupalexp and jollyness folders at sites/all/themes - Override modules changed too (sites/all/modules), we will note modules changed in update version - If it relates to database, such as add new view or add new function... we will export them it and guide how to do update Thanks,

Where can I find this marvelous detail to help upgrade to newer version of the theme with a current site? Where to find this instruction about module versions, update path from older to newer version of both the theme and related modules?

This post from some time ago promises detailed instructions to assist, yet I don't see a response here nor have I found README files or other things embedded with the latest theme download to assist.

Thanks a lot for your answer. slitherio

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