Unable to access setting page (Yamato)

I am able to install Yamato demo package on to the server's subfolder. http://tomi.com.my/DPR/ However, I have some trouble accessing the setting page from http://tomi.com.my/DPR/user. It says 404 Category not found. Can anyone advise? I am able to install Grupal 7.32 in another folder and access its setting page in another subfolder.

Hello, Look like your server does not support Clean URLs feature (mod_rewrite). You need login with url http://tomi.com.my/DPR/?q=user Then goto http://tomi.com.my/DPR/?q=admin/config/search/clean-urls, uncheck "Enable clean URLs" option. Save.
Hi, I'm able to access the setting page now after I've disable the clean URL. However, I am able to use clean URL with the basic Drupal 7.32 after I've modified .htaccess file using the Drupal's sample. Is there anyway I can use clean URL with Yamato demo? Thanks
Hi, This problem does not relative to theme. If you can get it work with basic drupal 7.32 site. You can do same to get it work on Yamato. Thanks.