Is the theme named RICHER able to run on drupal?

Hello DrupalExp:

I am very interesting in the theme named RICHER.

But I am not sure it can be install in Drupal.

Could you tell me the answer?

And I have 2 questions about the theme:

1. Dose this theme integrate a membership model? Where can I find the hot point of "Register/Log in"?

2. Dose the theme integrate any pay method?

Which you reply soon, thank you.

Best regards.


Thank you for your interesting.

Richer is fully Drupal 7 with commerce integrated already. You can check demo here:

But, we are stop selling on envato marketplace, so to purchase it please contact us directly.

Thank you.

Thank you. I'll contact you soon.

Hi Cong,

Could you tell me how can I perches the RICHER theme?

I want a copy of its drupal edition.

Thank you.