Hi I was able to install the theme and it is working on the home page, but when I click on any of the other pages including the user page I get a URL not found error. Here is the URL to the site http://siouxfallswoodworking.com/. Is there a simple setting I am missing somewhere?
Seems you didn't enable clean URL on your server. Please follow this post to fix the issue http://themesvision.com/forum/404-all-pages-links-and-admin Thanks!
It seems like a chicken and egg problem. It has to be enabled in admin, but I can't enable them without it being set. Is there a way to do it outside of that method? I was able to login though.
The clean URLs enabled on your site already but seems your server does not support clean URLs, please enable it on your server (*) then the site will works fine. (*) You can follow this post to do it https://www.drupal.org/getting-started/clean-urls Thanks!