system messages (block: System help) are not shown

Hi there, I purchased the organic food theme and realized, that no system messages are shown on, although I published the block System help in the region Content Top and I tried also in region content. So what can I do?
Hello, Block System help is not system messages. So it'll empty on frontend. Thank you.
OK, but why are no system messages shon on organic food theme? If I change the theme to bartik for example, everything works well.
any aswer? would be excellent ;-)

I am also having the same issue.  When a user registers, they are taken to the front page with no explanation message to go check their email to finish the registration process.  If I change the theme to Bartik, I DO see the expected message.  Something about the Organic Food theme is prohibiting messages from being displayed on the front page.  I have searched the forums and tried several things, and have narrowed this to a theme-specific issue.  Please explain how to re-enable messages on the front page in this otherwise great theme.

I will also add that I tried as a workaround the simple_modal_overlay module to create an overlay via Rules 'After saving a new user account'.  This also fails in the Organic Food theme, but works as expected in Bartik.

Further update.  I could never figure out how to display a system message on the front page.  I tried MANY things, but ultimately nothing worked.  In my cae, the only message I ever needed to be displayed on the front page was the post-registration message telling the user to go to their email for login/password info.  I did not necessarily require that the front page be the redirect that the user was taken to following registration, so I changed the redirect to the login page and then the message displays. I changed line 3900 of /modules/user/user.module to:  

$form_state['redirect'] = 'user/login';

** This is a modificartion to core, and is therefore not a solution to the issue of messages not being able to be displayed on the front page in this theme.  We would like a solution please since we paid for this module and this is a basic requirement for many sites. **


To resolve it, you just delete region--content.tpl.php file in sites/all/themes/organicfood/templates folder.

Thank you.