Suggestions: Allow no product characteristics


found that when for a product in commerce no characteristics was selected there were some errors displayed when showing the product list. I fixed that in the file drupalexp_jollyness/themes/jollyness/templates/node/node--product_display--teaser.tpl.php with adding an if at line 94 to ensure that the characteristics are set when trying to display them, now the block reads:

            if (!empty($node->field_characteristics)) {
            if (isset($node->field_characteristics[$node->language])) {
                $characters = $node->field_characteristics[$node->language];
            } else {
                $characters = $node->field_characteristics['und'];
            foreach ($characters as $key => $value) {
                $term = taxonomy_term_load($value['tid']);
                $name = $term->name;
                print '<span class="onsale">'.$name.'</span>';

Maybe this can be added in the next update? Thanks!


Thank you. We will update in the next time.