Style the node forms as shown in Featured/Form-Elements page


Great theme and easy to work with!

My question is how to make the node forms, or any other form shown on my site, to look like those on the presentation page (featured/form-elements)? From what I can see, there are bootstrap styled and I've found the bootstrap css file, but by default, all forms are unstyled.

What is the right way to style the forms?

Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!


To make all default form has styles of bootstrap, we must to implement hook_form_alter to add bootstrap class.

Thank you.

Thanks for quick answer;

I tried doing like that that, but I can't succed; cand you give me an example of how?

Where I implement the hook: in a module or in theme's "template.php"?

And how can I do it for all the node forms, for example?


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