I am a very technical person specializing in iOS, but NOT a drupal developer. with that stated - how can i get my social top to work the same way that it is on your demo page. I have enabled everything in a way it should. i am able to insert the [social icon......] shortcode (which for some reason does not take me to the right link, but the internal home page #node) but i am unable to do the same with the "icons" for the social top with this code - [icon name='fa fa-facebook' link="https://www.facebook.com/CityZen.co.in"]Facebook[/icon] I would love if you could tell me the proper syntax and way to make it look "exactly" like your demo of Jollyness (with the boxes and all) thanks, Altaf ps - please do update the "Documentation" with this, because it is not so helpful. (of course i am spoilt with Apple documentation, so....) my website cityzen.co.in/cityzen/
I am disheartened to see spam on a forum of such limited viewership, and specially so since it is meant for support. But common, you gotto reply to the genuine requests guys. I thought I read somewhere on the demo site itself 100% customer service :(
PLease follow the syntax below to create social block.
  • [social icon ='fa fa-facebook' tooltip='Facebook' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-google-plus' tooltip='Google Plus' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-twitter' tooltip='Twitter' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-youtube' tooltip='Youtube' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-linkedin' tooltip='Linkedin' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-dribbble' tooltip='Dribbble' link='#'][/social]
  • [social icon ='fa fa-skype' tooltip='Skype' link='#'][/social]
thanks jimmy. actually i had to install the full version of the demo, to check it out. so resolved it. Although (as mentioned in the post) the links for this shortcode are not working, just takes me to a internal link with #. thanks again for the reply.
As you see in my reply, the link now assigned to # (link='#'). So you can change it to your social link. (Please switch to "Source" mode of ckeditor before set link to shortcode). If it still does not work, please send me your site's URL for checking. Thanks!
I did what you told but my links still send to homepage instead of actual link. www.visiolang.net
I think what you probably need to do is change the setting in "Full HTML" mode for "Change url to link", that should resolve it. hope it helps
Could you please send me the html source code that you are using for your social block for checking? Thanks!
Thanks but nop doesn't help as I'm of course allready in "full HTML" mode and "Change url to link" is activated. When I click on the icon it only recognizes "#" and chage the homepage again instead of the specific link itself.
Hi Jimmy, here is my code.
Seem you didn't switch to "Source" mode before paste shortcode to editor. Please use shortcode below and remember to switch to "Source". Please see attached image for more details.
I did switch to source and put full HTML. By the way simple Quote makes the shortcode not working at all. Here is exactly what the sourcecode give after saving
Could you send us your URL and admin account to [email protected] for checking? Thanks!

I had this problem and was able to fix it by changing the CKEditor settings for Full HTML mode so that Urls are not converted into links. However it would be much better if the theme/shortcodes took into account and compensated for the possibility that CKEditor might convert Urls into links.