I performed successfully the Organic Food theme installation and everything except the slider seems to be working fine. On the home page, in the slider area, the only thing appearing is the background image I have added, but no animations or slide transitions are working. Also, in the backend, when I click on "Preview" to view the slide animation, the slide just "zips up" and disappears. None of the slide effects or transitions, no matter what I choose, previews in the backend, or works on the home page. Please advise ASAP as the purchase of this template was made primarily for this feature. The URL is: http://pokenlink.com/beta/design/ I would be happy to supply you a private login. Thank you in advance, jchrise
What the heck? Why can't they answer these crucial problems? The support here sucks!I finally had to purchase a different third party slider ($22) just to keep moving on the site I'm developing. Come on DrupalExp, support your product. We bought the template fully expecting support.
Hello, The Preview function in backend is not working yet, we are working to update it. I have check you site but the slider is working well. What is browser you checking? Thank you.


The Preview function does not work in the Edit mode for the Layer Slider.

I click the Preview button and the slider just fades up, dissapears and I am left with a white background.

Have you made any progress in fixing the Preview function from your post #3?

I am using version 7.x-1.0-beta of the Layer Slider module with the Evolve theme. Is there a new version of the Layer Slider to download?


I am having the same issue here. I can't seem to get the slides to show in the slider.
The slideshow displays a background image or background colour when applied but no slides seem to show.
I am using the Richer theme with 7.x-1.0-beta of the Layer Slider module.



I'm having the same problem. Did you figure out a way to solve it?

Thank you.

Pleaseeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same problem still exists. Only background image no ther text layers are shown!!!

I have same problem, slider working in front end, but backend not working, cannot edit any slides.

any updates?

Same problem with the Jollyness theme. Background image appears and the Burns effect works perfectly, but none of the layers are showing up on any slide. Would love to have a solution, as this is a time restricted issue that I am facing.