Layers in the slider are not shown with ctools 1.10. No problem with 1.9


I had the same problem. Reverting to ctools 1.9 solved the problem. Hopefully the layerslider module can be updated to work with the latest version of ctools soon. 

Is there an easy way on downgrading ctools to 1.9 as I am facing the same problem.

Not directly in the Drupal UI since it only lets you go up versions, not down.  Also, going down can sometimes be tricky if the updated version included updates to the database structure (which can then be tricky to undo).  Fortunately there were no db updates in ctools from 7.x-1.9 to 7.x-1.10 so it's just a matter of removing the 1.10 files and replacing them with the 1.9 files. How you do that depends a lot on your environment and how you interact with it (Drush, FTP, web-based file manager, etc), but essentially you just need to delete the ctools folder from /sites/all/modules or /sites/all/modules/contrib and then download the 1.9 version from d.o and put it back into your site.  I did it via FTP and it was super easy.

Hi all,

We have updated Slider module with ctools 7.x-1.10  supports. You can open ticket to get update now.

Thank you.

ticket created. awaiting update!

I'm having crazy issues with my slider as there a fix that can be shared?

Waiting for the update... Victor, dev at Zen