hi there I have a question, when you buy the template menu offered a choice of single page, but the menu of my site is getting me a session within it but its not true, actually when i go the button "about us" go an another page, you can helpme to fix it?
Hello 2014, Please send your server infor and FTP account via [email protected]. We will help you fix it. Thanks,
Hi, I have purchased the Jollyness theme and install it perfectly. But my main problem is that I can't configure the single page. I have look at the layout "One Page Home" in layouts of Jollyness and I don't know how to enable this layout as the default my the theme. Is it also possible to combine one page and multi page on the theme and how to do it. I think the documentation in the theme package is not enough. Please can you send any documentation?
The layout builder has a default layout named "Default" This layout will be apply for all page which does not assigned to others layouts. For example "node/68" is One Page Home is assigned to "One Page Home" layout, so this layout will apply for "node/68" page... So you can edit "Default" layout base on your requirements. Thanks!
Hello, Please can you tell me how can I edit the "Default" layout in order to make a single page on the Home page? Thanks.
Hi Bool To edit the layout by "default" you see the instructions in the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcGo0A2bfEs