Shortcode options not working

I have tried changing the options on the accordion shortcode and also on the tabs shortcode. Neither of them work. When I change the tabs on the "tabs" page of the demo install, from horizontal to vertical, it does not change. When I try to change the FAQ page and make the accordion "default" so that only one item is open at a time, no change. Please advise on why the shortcode options do not work.
Hi mtrue321, The first you should makesure the Shortcodes filter is enabled? Please reference to Evolve Shortcodes in document along with this theme for more detail. - About accordion, property expand = true mean accordion item will be open. So, if you want only one item open at once time. Please set only one accordion item has expand = true, other item MUST be have expand = false (default if missing) Ex: [accordions][accordion title="TITLE1" expand="true"] CONTENT 1 [/accordion][accordion title="TITLE2" expand="false"] CONTENT 2[/accordion][/accordions] - About Tab shortcode, may be has a issue, we will fix and send feedback to you ASAP If you still have any problem, please send your site deployed and admin account to our email so we will help you check it Thanks,
PLease get the attached file and replace it on your server to fix the shortcode problem. The attached file includes 3 files:, shortcode.less and fc.png. After downloading and extract it on you PC, please follow the steps below to fix the problem: 1. Replace file under \sites\all\modules\drupalexp\modules\dexp_shortcodes\includes folder 2. Replace shortcode.less file under \sites\all\themes\evolve\lessc folder 3. Copy fc.png to \sites\all\themes\evolve\assets\images folder 4. Flush cache and now you can switch between horizontal and vertical styles of tab element. Cheers.
Thanks, yes that fixed it. I am also now having issues with the button shortcode. I tried using the link='' portion of the button code but it does not work.
Please add property type=’link’ to button short code to solve that. Thanks,

If the shortcode options are not working then check the following things:

  1. Check your shortcode for typos, try to copy and paste the shortcode into a text editor before pasting it into the post.

  2. The shortcode options should be surrounded by square brackets, for example: [ic_testimonial user="justinbieber"]

  3. Double-check you have placeholders in your content, basically anything surrounded by double curly braces {{}}. For example, this is how you can create a title tag on your website: {{title}}.