Want to create a Blog what are the steps to create.


Blog is ready in Creativ theme. Could you explain what problem you get now?


We have currently set up our blog according to  Home » Blog » Timeline Blog Styles » Blog Timeline LS but want to setup according Home » Blog » Timeline Blog Styles » Blog Timeline RS

But we are not able to change it.

also We want to setup news page like Home » Blog » Classic Blog Styles » Blog Classic Three as this is part of blog so want to know how to separate database for news from Blog database



To change blog from Blog Timeline LS (Left sidebar) to Blog Timeline RS (Right sidebar) you just need to change menu blog to new path (blog-timeline-rs) like what you did before with Blog Timeline RS.

And to create new page with "news" filter, you can edit views then filter by "news" tags you can define a field to mark with blog item belong to.

Hope it helps.

Hi thanks for reply, I'll try to implement according to your suggestion.

In between one more thing,  I am changing font in drupal website but in css class <p> tag inherited from another css class. I am trying to figure out but not able. (see attached Images)


Inherited css in red circle

The information is great. This is what I am looking for. Thanks for sharing Elastic man