Scroll to in home destination anchors

Hi, I searched the forum and in the documentation but have not found the solution; I want to use in the main menu of the anchor link to specific sections of the homepage. I tried with the usual #my_section, it works but not as scroll scroll to top. is expected to bind to the anchor js scroll already installed? or we have to use the module Scroll to destination anchors? I hope my English is readable, thanks in advance and regards.
Hi, can any of you help me? how we can use scrollto the sections of the homepage? Thanks.

Hi Xdelfino,

I have the same question!  I hope you'll let me know if you figured it out.



There is a js snippet that might do the trick.  Use the class of your menu item:

(In the comments for this snippet there is a solution for conflicts with accordion)

Hi, I do not remember how I solved but I used the jquery that already exists. See go to top in the source jollyness. I added a bit of code that checks even when you are on the home page or not. This in my opinion should be resolved by the developers of the theme.

I have a confession to make: I love scrolling.

Scrolling is basically the opposite of clicking, and it's as enjoyable for me. If you're confronted with a long web page, scrolling is a good way to discover what's on the same page without having to click.

I've been testing this on some of my own sites and on clients' sites — and it works!

Let's say you have a long-form landing page that has some content at the bottom of the page. You could link to all the content below, but if users don't scroll down far enough, they'll miss your links. Instead, put links where users will find them — at the top of the screen — when they're ready to scroll.