Can you please publish or upload somewhere a sample configuration for your default PALAS as it is here: 

It looks so beautiful there, but as I purchased and installed it looks so empty. Like, I would like to be able to see exactly the same layout/css/pictures as here but now I realised that there is so much I need to configure to get similar look. Like, 50% dark transparent menu, cool <UL> with font awesome icons, parallax and other fancy stuff. 

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Sorry, just found exactly what I anted in your instruction. However, I would suggest to change some wordings in your instruction as below:

The quickstart package came with theme helps you to build a copy of our live demo at It is the highly recommended way for newbies or if you don’t want to go through the individual setup of each module and theme.

STEPS to do:
  1. Create a new database in your phpmyadmin/cPanel tools and create database user.
  2. Import the supplied file (located in Packages folder in your package) into this database.
  3. Upload the "demo/palas" folder to your server. In most cases you will unpack it under the public_html folder, www root folder (windows hosting) or the root folder of your server.
  4. Change the database info in sites/default/settings.php to match the database name, user and password for your new created database.
  5. Done. You can login to manage site folow url:
     with the default admin account is: username: admin, password: admin.

I did everything you stated in the description above. When I try to log in, I get this.
This is then what i get for any page of the demo.

What am I doing wrong?

Wanted to add, that I don't have the same problem with another drupal themeforest demo.