Resolved: Drupal Pressa CSS Problems

As Pressa still has no forums, I'm posting this here. I have a couple of issues, I've posted them on Envato but I thought this would be easier.

1. How do I sub-theme Pressa? I "sort of" achieved this by copying the theme, deleting templates and renamned all template.php functions to mytheme_ ... seems to be working?

2. Pressa Manual Install poses a bunch of CSS problems. See

The issue seems to be a missing some proper wrappers. This is the demo site:…

This is the minimal install, with the same block copied. The classes seem to be different.…

I'm not sure where .content is coming from? Any ideas onw how I can make both of these equal?

I've solved most of these issues myself. Seems a lot of the block settings are missing on the minimal install (padding, classes, etc) so you have to redo all of that manually. This is the biggest issue, anyone having these issues, check your DrupalExp block settings for appropriate classes, etc.