Recommendation, decouple your modules

One of the frustrating bits I ran into with this theme is that everything is coupled. What I mean by that is, the Pressa Commerce module requires ALL other Pressa modules. This seems ridiculous - why would Drupal Commerce need the Portfolio module?

The reason this is frustrating is because I don't need certain elements, like portiolio or gallery, but MUST turn them on for your Commerce Module. Now I have content types that I can't delete generated from your modules.

Highly recommend you guys optimize this in the future and ensure that, each module really only had dependancies it needs, not just everything under the sun.

I have the same issue. And because of that, when I open the demo Home pages, my laptop goes full power no matter the browser! (Alienware 17 / i7@4700,16Gb, GTX 770m)


To resolve issue with Pressa theme after removed commerce, please download attachment file, and replace in templates/views folder in theme.

Also, we hightlight recommeded before disable/uninstall commerce modules, please find and remove/disable all blocks/page relative to shop cart example: My Cart block, Shop pages etc..

Thank you.