I saw on my site that the search function puts the wrong URL on the product title when I search with the tab "Products", but the same product under the tab "Content" gets the right URL! On the demo site this error also happens, for example when I search for T-shirt 007 I get a result under the Content tab that links to http://demo.drupalexp.com/orane/content/product/t-shirt-007 but the result under the products tab links to http://demo.drupalexp.com/orane/search/product/admin/commerce/products/7 which leads to the search page with commerce/products/7 filled in the form (and returns no results).

Hi renzet,

In this case, we should only show tab Content which show correct url. Go to Configuration >> Search and metadata >> Search settings 

uncheck on Commerce Search, Users on ACTIVE SEARCH MODULES.

Thank you.


But what if I want to keep the products search, I want to only search in Products not in the whole site..