Product Images not Displaying

Hello, I've got Shoot almost fully configured on my site. I used the 'theme only' install and can't quite figure out how to get the images to display for the products. I also installed the full site via 'commerce profile' and see that the images are working fine there. I've gone through and compared the setups of both sites and have not yet found the problem. I'm thinking this might be a general site installation issue too since I can't seem to see a product image for the default 'article' content type. Could you point me in the right direction? (Great theme BTW).
Hello sam, If you installed 'theme only', the images is not available, you MUST upload manually. Product image is use for Product Display content type NOT article. To display product image, you MUST create a content "Product display", in this step you also upload images. Thank you. Thank you.
Thanks for the response. I have created a Product Display exactly as the full demo shows. I'm thinking my .htaccess is off. Will look deeper.
The machine name on the product images was singular, not plural. Once fixed the images started working.

Hello Sam,

I am also getting the same issue, can you please tell me what machine name are you saying. I can't get the work machine name here. Can you please explain me bit deeper for these. I am facing this issue from last few days, if you can please help me.


F. B.


Have you included images for each Product under > Store > Products > edit.


@F.B. - In my case I created a product image with a mchine name of 'field_product_image' (singular).  It needed to be 'field_product_images' (plural) for th eimages to work for me.

For reference, I installed the theme onto an existing site and had to create a bunch of the things manually that the full install creates for you.  So if you used the full install and are not seeing images, this is likely not your issue.

Hope that helps.