Problems with overriding strings

I am working with "EXCEPTION" the first time. A beautiful theme, but it appears, some functionalities of standard drupal-7 themes have somehow been deactivated.

Can somehow help me replacing the "Read more" text of the teaser texts listed in a display "Blog Medium L-Sidebar" in a view? I even installed the "Read more control module", nothing helps although I could replace this string in other drupal 7 themes easily.

In addition, in the single-portfolio-page (see e.g. --> portfolios --> single portfolio) there are some predefined fields"Category", "Date Added", "Client", "Skills" and "Website" . I want to rename said fields and add further fields that shall be displayed. In standard drupal themes, this is an easy job, but I could not do this in the EXCEPTION theme.

My third problem: I would like to replace the strings "Project Info" and "Project Details" by other strings, but there is no config file or config option to modify said strings.
Any help would highly be appreciated!