I'm about to buy this theme (from themeforest), but first I'd like to try how is the administration process of the theme elements. Is there any demo page where I can log in to try it?

I want to buy this theme to install it for a customer who doens't know anything about HTML and I just want to make sure it is easy to manage without HTML knowledge.


Thanks in advance,


Is there any active support with this theme?

It looks the support is very scarce.

There are alot of issues with this theme and some even with the underlyingn framework. Yet now one is even bother to reply just to acknowledge our questions of requests have been seen.

Too bad they have great themes and very good ideas! But most of them and poorly implemented and leaves us, the customers, with a lot of issues to fix. It seems they don't understand that well supported themes on themeforest get most sales and the customers decides to buying them also because of others positive comments for support or good quality.

Drupal Exp is doing a great Job, but I think they fail in given support. I must say with Evolve I did have an issue, and finally they sovled it. But the lack on communication...its a pity. Now I bought Pressa, there's another issue. I expect some response...but I still have to wait and see. Issues of past users...I don't believe they were solved by Drupal Exp. When I buy a theme, I expect the PROMISED support! 

Hello Pieter,

Now, we are support through ticket. Could you give your issue on Pressa theme or your ticket Id have not solved yet?

Thank you.


You resolved the "Pressa"  issue by ticket now. Thanks. I marked the ticket as solved.