Portfolio-masonry] Duplicate view (incomplete dupe?) - Open

Hi, I tried to copy the masonry-portfolio view in order to reuse it on a different page using different content. However, after a clone of the view the preview shows the content but incorrect. It's like it only shows the top half. Is there a way to dupe this element or make it display different content in another way? For example, one instance shows all "type=portfolio" entries. Another instance shows all "type=products" entries. Thanks, Edwin
Hi Edwin, Yes, you can use Masonry views for other content type. But you need to make template file like with portfolio content type.
If I just clone it and open it without any changes it also looks different. (it's still showing the portfolio type items but only the top half) Maybe I'm missing something but I don't understand why the template should matter if it shows the same type... /shy
Is there a way to use the same portfolio on two different pages each instance showing a different type of content? (how can I define which shows what?)