Portfolio content type disappeared!!!



We are using your theme under http://www.andorrasaxfest.com and the portfolio Content type has completely disappeared!

It's not present in Add content, neither in Structure->content types, and nodes created with this content type are now of type "blank" !

We are under Drupal 7.36. What could be the problem?


I confirm : simply Drupal upgrade to version 7.36 and the Portfolio Content type disappears...

Hi diego.paroni

I you look into the database you'll see the content type exists.

I managed to solve the situation by just recreating the content type. Just the content type with "dexp_fortfolio" (I think, look at your databse to confirm). Once this done, It gets all info from database: fields, contents, etc...

Try it and tell us if everything's fine.

You Really Saved My Day!
Thank you very much.

Saved my day too!  Thank you for your helpful hint!  Just creating a "new" content type, and giving it exactly this name: dexp portfolio, caused Drupal to associate that name with the pre-existing contents and fields.  So it seems the problem is solved.


There is a lingering problem, which I think diego may also find if he looks at his content type.  I think not everything linked back up.  Maybe Dexp staff can jump in?  Here's the error:

Notice: Undefined index: dexp_portfolio in _field_ui_bundle_admin_path() (line 325 of/srv/bindings/long-numeric-string/code/modules/field_ui/field_ui.module).




Drupal just released version 7.37 with that problem fixed. Please update drupal core to 7.37 again.


Thank you.