Portfolio Categories items missing

I am having some strange problems with the portfolio. I have added a few items and tagged them. I created some more categories as well if relevant. It was working fine for a while sorting by categories, but now it is like some are missing or just disapeered. Say I have 6 in a category, they were there and now appear to be gone. If I click through the multipages i can finally get to them, but it is like it is loading blank work in between. I also did get some error earlier splash theme undefined index line 24 node--dexp_portfolio.tpl.php I flushed the cache and the error went away, so maybe related. Also if I pick a category and hit next page. It reverts back to show all. This seems strange. Is there a way to set the pager to the category rather than taking you back to the show all view. It would seem if you narrow it down to a category and click page 2 you should stay on that category.
Hello, Can you email us your site info to check with problem? Our support email is [email protected] Thank you.
I deleted everything and tried to start fresh, so let me finish re-adding multiple items back in, especially since I found out why one error was incurring or fairly certain. Am posting in case someone else runs into it or gets the error. The Error: Notice: Undefined index: und in include() (line 24 of /home/______/public_html/sites/all/themes/splash/templates/node/node--dexp_portfolio.tpl.php). Seems to appear when you don't provide any copy in the body field of the portfolio content type. If you only post a title and upload an image it throws the undefined index error on line 24. As for the missing images. I deleted all before figuring out the above, so I am curious if I address the issue by entering copy in the body field. If this will effect the other problem. The issue of clicking on the pager and defaulting back to show all rather than staying in the category though still does happen. Again will try to see if the solution I found effects the missing images before I email you. I figure your time is valuable, so will test a bit more and them email with anything still unresolved. Hopefully just the pager, issue. I think that is not related from my testing so far.

I am also getting Undefined index quite a bit on fields that I leave blank.  I am guessing there is no error handling built in to say if this field is not empty display this content.  I am considering going through and adding but am hoping for an update fixing a few errors I could maybe apply to the site.