Photo Captions for Small Photos

Is there a way to include photo captions in the smaller photos that are included in the content of the articles. For instance can a photo caption be added to this code: img alt="" class="image-right pic" src="…" style="width:160px;" It would be nice to have a few descriptive words beneath some of the photos.
Could you explain more details about your question. I'm not really understand what you mean. Thanks!
Sure. Nice Theme BTW. I've built websites with 20+ other themes and Evolve is the best organized and designed in my opinion. My question is basically this: How can I include a photo in the body (text) of a normal article with some text that describes the photo? I want the text that describes the photo ( aka "photo caption") to appear right below the photo.
With the caption of any image inside body test you can use CKEditor to add image and you caption. You can also use custom css to style it as you want. Thanks!

Often the first thing to go is a photo caption, because it is hard to write a meaningful caption for a small photo. It seems like a waste of time, but every photo should have a caption no matter how small or insignificant it seems. Captioning every photo in your gallery can give your viewers the feeling that you really care about your work and it adds value to all of your photos.

After all, the real reason for posting photos on the web is so people can get to know you or your business better. You want them to trust you and like you, and if they see how much time and effort you spend on captioning, they will be more likely to share their information with you and buy from you.

Here are some tips for writing captions for small photos:

Be honest - Don't tell lies just to make yourself look good. Be sure that what you say is true and not misleading, because at some point someone may check up on it. For example, if there was an error in the image, don't try to cover it up or ignore it; address it head-on as soon as possible.