I need to add a snippet of code in the header region of page.tpl.php for a chat that i am adding to my site. and I cannot locate the page.tpl.php rather strange. then i looked under drupalexp thought maybe it is there. there is a page.tpl.php but there is noting in there. please tell me how i can find this page.tpl.php I think this an awesome theme. and it sort of addresses all my needs. i can use this theme for the entire thing by using it as one base code. However this chat is essential for our purpose and I must be able to set it up. I would appreciate any help you can give me on this. I just don't understand why there is no page.tpl.php
This is urgent and I need an answer. This is extremely unusual. Please let me know.
Answered via email

I am having this same issue. I need to put a snippet of code in the header section. Where would I go to update that?


Our theme is using DrupalExp theme framework with Drag & Drop layout builder. So the page.tpl.php does not contain code to render each. But you can found it in sites/all/themes/drupalexp/templates folder.

Thank you.