Option to change header style missing

In the documentation, it states that there is an option to select header style (Theme Settings/Zap Settings).

However, I'm not seeing that - all I see is the enable/disable preloaded option, and the Custom Sticky Header & Header Overlay logo option.

I'd like to choose the white header and I'm not seeing where to do this.

Hi shardesty

Please open a ticket in our support system http://support.drupalexp.com/tickets, we will help you to resolve the issue.


Hi, I have the same problem. Any progress so far?

Documentation is incomplete on this subject. Here's how:

1. Basic page content type:

Just edit page, click on tab Drupalexp page settings which show option to show overlay header or color for this page

2. Other content type page: such as Portfolio

We are using context module to set overlay, follow steps as below to do this

Step 1: Go to Structure > Context

Step 2: Click on Edit link of header_overlay row

Step 3: Click on Path link and input page you want to overlay here

I understand it took a long time, the article was very insightful. Driving directions