I tried to submit a ticket, but it seemed not to be working. I am experiencing the following:

Hello. I am using your new Palas theme. I am having trouble with it on my hosting service 1&1. I was at first getting a 403 error when I uploaded your demo package. When I compared the .htaccess file with one that was generated by their one-click install, I noticed that the 1&1 file was larger. When I appended the balance of their file to yours, I was able to view the site... One problem - no CSS. The browser is supplying all the CSS and so your pages don't render. I have attached the .htaccess file. I've uploaded the htaccess file. What could be the problem?



My Bad! It was a file permission problem. Had everything set for r-w-x for user ONLY.

Hope this helps if you're experiencing the same problem.

Stunning work on this template.