Please, add me to your skype to advise me on how to apply css to a section, region or block and/or update the stylesheet with LESS; and make the refund for the RICHER theme I bought by mistake . THIS IS NO ACCEPTABLE you take the money and don't write or say a single word to your customer trying to contact you for several weeks.

Hi Gulian


I don't work for DrupalExp, but I'm a Drupal user.  You can add css to a block by clicking "configure block", then either in the top "DrupalExp Block Settings" or below in the block input form where it says "CSS Class(es)" you can name the class or classes you want to apply to this block.

You can add padding to the region under "DrupalExp Block Settings".  You might want it to look like this:  10% 0 15% 0

(that adds ten percent of the page width to the top of the region, non to the right or left, and fifteen percent to the bottom)

To edit your site's LESS file, you need to use an FTP client such as Filezilla. I always create a folder on my computer for LESS or CSS adjustments for a site, adjust them with the free program Notepad++, then upload back to the site, renaming the previous page to "style-old.less" or something like that.

There are numerous .less pages, each one styling a specific aspect of the theme.  I keep a copy of all my .less pages on my local machine, then open them all in Notepad++.  Then I can search all open documents for whatever class I want to change.  And once I figure out which sheet should have my new class, I add it in.  I use the same syntax as the other styles on the less sheets (if you know CSS it's pretty intuitive).


Good luck!


Thanks for your advices, it helps.

Would you know why adding a class to a region doesn't work. In Appearance > settings > shoot, in Region settings, when I put a name in the field "custom class", it doesn't appear in the source code on the website.

Hello gulian,

Please add me on skype: meoanxoai

I will help you solve problem.

Thank you.

Gulian... Lehoa85 is DrupalExp staff, so that's your best help!