No images in Teaser nor full node


I have purchased and manually installed Pressa on an existing site, and I have a couple of issues.

My news teasers and default view of article nodes don't display any pictures.

I set up an Dexp Masonry Grid for my News teasers. Some of the grid items are "expanded" and others are not. Is there a way to make all same size when the page loads. (I can manually drag the lower right corner of each box to fit the standard box size).

In the installation notes it's written that it's important to choose Dexp_pressa_commerce module if commerce is used or dexp_pressa if not. There is no dexp_pressa module in the pressa download.


Regards Thomas


Please create a ticket with your site URL + admin account so we can check the issue.

Also, dexp_pressa module is located on Packages\profiles\drupalexp_pressa\modules\drupalexp\modules.

Thank you.