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Hi I installed the theme nevermind on an existing website and played around and tried to configure a few things. First of all: This is a very nice theme and your DrupExp Framework is great. This is really a very useful and clever framework. Also the configuration possibilities for blocks are very good and very useful. Great work! About documentation: Documentation lacks a few things and it would be good to enhance it. I also have some suggestions for your productivity and marketing here in the forum, please contact me by mail to discuss it. Needed documentation 1.Dupalexp Portfolio / Dexp Masonry Grid / Dexp Responsive Grid / Dexp bx Slider Here definetely more documentation is needed how to use these Dexp Views with other node types than the provided ones. Questions a) I have a node type with image, bodytext etc. and want to configure the dexp portfolio to show title, image and body. When I configure it the same way as on the demo installation, then the image is not shown. Does it depend on the field name of the image? b) I would like to configure these views with fields I choose. Seems it is not possible. c) I want to show to users filters (tags) categories above the portfolio. It is not shown, even I have chosen to show it. d) Is it possible to change the behavior of portfolio this way: When user clicks on the image, then the node is opened --> beside these use cases some general explanation is needed about the logic of dexp views and how to use it. 2. CSS classes On the welcome block you use for example the css class “title”. Or you use the clas “check” for using checkmarks in bullet points list. etc. Documentation needed what css classes are available and where they can be used 3 General Configuration questions a) Social icons to like and share pages and articles. Where do you suggest to include social icons to like an article? I did not find anything b) Where are fonts defined? c) Where is it defined which layout is taken? 4. Regions a) I can define the background colour of regions. Where is the color of font defined? b) Why have links in the same region different colors? 5. DrupExp Framework Now the region “Sidebar” is right to content. If I want that the sidebar is right of not only content but also of region with user1,user2,user3 etc., how to do this? Must I move user1,user2 etc in the same section as content? thanks for your feedback best regards
Hi, you promised last week to put together a list of the CSS classes (see point 3 above). When will you put it together?

Did you recieve an answer to you question about Dexp Masonry Grid? I'm experiencing similar problems with images not being visible after modifying the dexp_portfolio content type to fit my site.

I got some answers and I also paid them for some tasks, however the tasks were poorely documented (if at all) and I had to remind them several times to document it correctly. In fact it was not possible to use fields in their dexp_portfolio view. They fixed it together with the paid tasks I have given them. I don't know if this would solve your problem, I can send you the modified files.


I was afraid that was the case. That fact really ought to be in the documentation so that we know what to expect. I would not have purchased the theme if I had known that. My content requires field modification. 

That's a very kind offer. I would like to see the files. My email is in my profile.

unfortunately I cannot see your profile email, I cannot send anything from this forum

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