Nation Theme - Profile Installation fails with drupal 8.75

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. Drupal\Core\Config\UnmetDependenciesException: Configuration objects provided by drupalexp_nation have unmet dependencies: block.block.breadcrumbs (dexp_block_settings), core.entity_form_display.field_collection_item.field_columns.default (dexp_block), (video_embed_field), core.entity_form_display.node.portfolio.default (soundcloudfield, video_embed_field), core.entity_view_display.node.article.teaser_03 (smart_trim), core.entity_view_display.node.portfolio.default (dexp_slick, soundcloudfield, video_embed_field), core.entity_view_display.node.portfolio.teaser (dexp, soundcloudfield, video_embed_field), field.field.node.portfolio.field_url_soundcloud (soundcloudfield), (media_entity, video_embed_field), filter.format.basic_html (shortcode), media_entity.bundle.embed_video (video_embed_media, media_entity), (dexp_grid, dexp_slick), views.view.partner (dexp_grid) in Drupal\Core\Config\UnmetDependenciesException::create() (line 98 of core\lib\Drupal\Core\Config\UnmetDependenciesException.php). Drupal\Core\Config\UnmetDependenciesException::create('drupalexp_nation', Array) (Line: 481) Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigInstaller->checkConfigurationToInstall('module', 'drupalexp_nation') (Line: 132) Drupal\Core\ProxyClass\Config\ConfigInstaller->checkConfigurationToInstall('module', 'drupalexp_nation') (Line: 150) Drupal\Core\Extension\ModuleInstaller->install(Array, ) (Line: 83) Drupal\Core\ProxyClass\Extension\ModuleInstaller->install(Array, ) (Line: 1658) install_install_profile(Array) (Line: 702) install_run_task(Array, Array) (Line: 577) install_run_tasks(Array, NULL) (Line: 118) install_drupal(Object) (Line: 44)

OK solved it by replacing file_entity module code with the latest version in the modules folder of drupalexp profile

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