multisite enviroment

i have bought about 4 different themes, all of them use DrupalExp. My environment is multisite using domain access, meaning that i have 4 sites, using different theme, but each theme use the DrupalExp Framework, but each DrupalExp Framework is different for each theme. How do i resolve this issue or how to integrate DrupalExp Framework for the themes i have bought
any news ?
any news ?
any news ?
Hello Roberto, Which list of themes you have bought? Each theme release, you have updated framework with new features added and bugs fixed. But it still work for old themes. That means you can update latest framework (from latest theme) for all themes you have. Thank you.
i have bought all your themes, the latest i bought was eventus. splash and richer
any news regarding this post

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Good to know about four different new and updated themes. I didn't try the latest theme yet, but I will surely try this multi-suite environment. Please let me know some information about the framework of the newest theme? Dissertation Help in London UK

This is absolete, all of these Themes were in Frupal 7, right now were in Drupal 9

It's extraordinary to have four different themes. You can simply get the latest theme; maybe the one you bought is old. As far as I have seen, the website valley provides great web design services. If you are also stuck in this kind of problem, it is always better to take help from some experienced person. Or at least from someone who has authentic knowledge.

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