Missing Flag Module / Code supporting Product Wishlist

Hello The Drupal Jollyness Theme I downloaded is missing the Flag Module and the coding/configuration for the Product favorites functionality. Can you please send me an export of the Flag in Jollyness theme as recommended by your comment moderator? Thanks in advance. ************************** Email to Comment Moderator: Hello I downloaded and installed the Profile version of the Jollyness Theme but it does not have the Flag modules installed … which is causing Product errors when I create a product and product display and try to go to the home page. Fatal error: Call to undefined function flag_create_link() in C:\wamp webhedron\yolobodyfit\profiles\drupalexp_jollyness\themes\jollyness\templates\node\node-product_display-teaser.tpl.php on line 114. Is the profile install updated or do I need to download the modules and recreate the rules/flags? Not sure I know how to recreate. Please advise. Thanks in advance. Response from Comment moderator Please send your email to [email protected] get data export of Flag in Jollyness theme. Thank you.

Hi rnistler,

Thank you for choosing our product. Please help me to open a ticket in our support ticket system https://support.drupalexp.com/tickets then we will help you to resolve it soon.